May 1, 2012

What Time is it???

I don't know how we missed this cartoon until just now but we are all obsessed over it! It is currently the only thing that will get my son out of bed for school in the morning!!!

Since falling in love with this show my son has been asking me to make him a Finn hat. I found a pattern on Ravelry but it wasn't working out right, but it did get the ball rolling.

It turned out cute but still needs some work. I'm hoping to get it perfected soon as my daughter now wants a Fiona hat :)
My son loves it! He wore it all day Sunday, even during church! Silly guy!!


  1. I love those eyes! Soo expressive! The hats look cute - maybe if you make a Finn, it will give you some insight for making the hat look a bit more "Finn-ish"