May 28, 2012

My Week in Pictures - Week 5

Today is our first official day of summer!
Last week went by quickly and was jammed pack full of stuff for the last week of school.

Kira had her last baseball game and got to play catcher

She got a trophy!! All the coaches told her she was the most improved!

Kira also brought home her "Author's Journal" with the stories she had written this year.  This was one of my favorite pictures she drew of her and her BFF together.

Caed celebrated the end of the school year with a special award.

And without fighting!
A moment worthy of capturing!!!!

My mom got my a gift certificate for my mother's day gift.
There are 17 different yarn colors in this box!
I'm so excited!!!

Finally found one of the LOTR sets in the store.
We had to bring it home right away!

Some of my crafting this week included working on a bunting project at work

Starting a new blanket - this is my first knitted blanket!!

Making a unicorn with my new yarn!!!

And taking lots of cute pictures of these cuties!!!

I hope everyone's week is wonderful!
Happy Memorial Day 

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