Feb 22, 2011

Craft Apron

I finished my craft apron! Yeah!

 While I am far from being an accomplished seamstress, I feel very good about how this turned out!  I tried to use a pattern but ran into some glitches that made me change things and just go with what I had.  For one thing, my fabric for my pocket ran length wise so it made a smaller pocket then I had planned.  Also I had originally planned to have a smaller inside pocket for business cards and I somehow sewed that on upside down! Thankfully I am best friends with the seam ripper!  This project might have come out better had I been able to find my pins to hold everything together. Guess I'm buying more at the store for next time!

BUT it is still super cute and it is FUNCTIONAL! It will hold money, cards, pens, and I'm sure my phone! 

I got my lovely fabric from the Stitch Lab.  If you have never been there, you should check it out!!

Feb 18, 2011

Send Some Love

I can tend to get focused on the negative.  One negative comment can bring me down and before I know it I'm only able to focus on the gray, dismal things around me.  But recently I have had some very sweet positive comments given to me in person and through twitter.  They made my day!!

It reminded me how important it is to spread positivity.  One positive comment is a like a big hug! Its spreading some love around!

I thought one way I could spread some love would be to share these cute crocheted hearts I made with my followers!  You guys have all been so supportive of me in my journey in crafting and I wanted to share some thanks with you.

Its easy to get one - just leave me a comment with someway to get in contact with you so I can get your mailing address! Pretty easy!

I hope you are having a great day and have a great start to your weekend!!  Find a way to give a positive comment to at least one person and see where that takes you!

Feb 16, 2011

Putting Together Our Tree Cozy

The other night AJ, Sarah and I got together to piece together our very long tree cozy for the Knitted Wonderland Project.  
I had so much fun! It was great just getting to hang out with an old and new friend! I'm hoping we get to do this again!

I also knitted a scarf out of the same yarn colors for the volunteers.  
Here is my cute little girl modeling it before we turned it in.

 I just downloaded the iPhone app instagram and I LOVE the different settings!
I'm going to have so much fun with it as you can tell from my pictures!!!!!

Feb 15, 2011

Precious Little Gifts

I have been so excited about my little sister having her first baby! He is going to be born in April and I just can't wait to meet him!  My best friend had a son a few weeks ago and one of my grad school friends is having a little girl in April.  It must be baby season!

What better way to show your excitement then to make gifts!

I made these burp clothes for my sister and best friend.  While I still have a long way to go when it comes to sewing, I still think they came out super cute!

Then for my friend who is having a little girl I made this cute hat.  
I got the hat pattern from Ravelry and the flower is from Ravelry also.

Its so easy to make cute things for girls! I'll have to work some more on thinking of equally cute things for boys!

Feb 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day!!

I hope everyone is having a great Valentines day today!

I have been working on a few Valentines crafts over the last few weeks.
One has been for Strumpets Crumpets Valentine Swap
becky farleys craft blog

I will post pictures once I know my swapee has her prize!  I can't wait to see what I get! 

The other thing I worked on was a cute embroidery project I saw at One Artsy Mama

I made these two shirts for my cousin's 2 daughters.
I thought this was the perfect thing for them because our grandmother always signed her cards and letters XX OO.  I've noticed that my cousins have kept this up so why not make a special shirt to remind these girls of how awesome their great grandmother was.

I did discover that embroidering on T-shirt material is a little harder because it stretches all over the place so they didn't turn out as cute as One Artsy Mama but I still think they are cute for these little ones!

I'd love to see the crafts you put together for Valentines! I'm sure you did an amazing job!

Feb 5, 2011

Walking in a Knitted Wonderland

About a month ago I got involved in a very awesome project that is going to create a Knitted Wonderland at the Blanton Art Museum by covering 99 trees in striped awesomeness!!!  There are over a hundred knitters/crocheters involved in this project with all different kinds of experience.  This project is coordinated by Magda Sayeg, a world famous yarn-bomber! 

I am sponsoring a tree with my friends Sarah and AJ.  My friends Marci, Bridget and Maggie are also involved in the project as well!

Our lovely tree goes about 8 feet up before it branches out.  That is a lot of tree to cover!!

I have already finished my section of the tree! I can't wait until this week to see our entire tree cozy all together!

I'll post more pictures when the project has been completed in March.  You can also swing by and check it out from March 5th-19th ish.  Its going to be AWESOME!!

Feb 4, 2011

Snow day = Perfect Snow Hat!

We don't get much snow in Austin.  If we are lucky we get one day a year!

Well today is the lucky day because we have SNOW! A glorious 3/4 of an inch of snow!!
The way we are acting you would think it was a blizzard!

I made this hat a few weeks ago and it turned out to be the perfect hat for this weather!

Its made from super thick yarn that I got on sale.  Love that it's UT Burnt Orange!

Me and the hubby are enjoying the snow.  We watched the kids run around and run back in and run back out again!
Lots of warm wishes to my fellow Austinites!

Feb 2, 2011

Getting ready with more time!

So the First Thursday Adventure tomorrow has been postponed due to this CRAZY cold weather! Seriously Austin is staying weird with 80 degrees one day and then 20s the next! So now Marci and I have more time to get ready for our first craft fair.

One thing I want to have is one of these CUTE aprons!  
I've been looking on Etsy and I think I can make my own!

Aren't those cupcakes super cute??? I think they would make me want to eat cupcakes all day, so I might have to avoid this kind of fabric!!

I love how this one ties in the front

The pockets on this one are AWESOME! There is one for pens, business cards, and lots of big pockets too!!

If I liked owls this one would be super cute (I think owls are stalking me, so I'm not really a fan...) But look at the cute zipper pocket!!

And this one is just AMAZING! I can't say enough about how cute these fabrics are!

So I think I have some great examples and I should be able to put one together! I'll of course post pictures of how it all turned out!

Feb 1, 2011

Happy February! I've joined in on the blog lovin train, so if you are on that add me!