Jun 30, 2010

Monster Felt Money Holders

My son was telling me he needed a new wallet.
I wanted a fun place to keep my "mad" money for my new camera.
So I made these!!!
The green is mine, red belongs to my son and pink goes to the daughter.

Also, I figured out that for the last year or more I have had my camera's flash set to SUPER bright! I somehow set it to dimmer tonight and figured out how to change it!!!! So I'm glad to know I know how to use my camera better! I still want a new one though!!! We'll see though!!

Jun 28, 2010

Stop Motion Cuteness

I was looking through cute things tonight and found this!
Had to share and knew Marci would love it too!!!

Luvgun from Leila Mays on Vimeo.

Jun 25, 2010

Work's Art City

In my office we have this area that we have been using to display artwork by artist in the office. It has been pretty cool to see all the awesome talent that we have here!

They have renamed the area to "Art City" and have incorporated a group theme to the area.  Every other month there is some kind of display that is put up that everyone can contribute to.  The first one was just a sheet of paper that we could all draw what we had for lunch.  I wish I had taken pictures because there was some awesome Zombies that were added in! hee hee brains for lunch!!!

This month they have 2 quilts displayed with a group "quilt" that we can all add to!  They have these different colored squares of construction paper and markers that we can use.  My friend might be one of the biggest contributor and constantly uses pictures from magazines to make her quilt squares.  

In fact she made a Team Edward square and then someone else had to make a Team Jacob to follow up =)

Today I decided to add my own by using some of my scrap yarn. 

I love working in a place that encourages creativity!!
(again I apologize for the picture quality! I only had my cell with me and just really wanted to share right away!!!)

Jun 24, 2010

Fabric Post Cards

I had been hearing about the awesomeness that is Craft Academy for awhile now.  I didn't plan on joining in with my last summer class because I just thought I wasn't going to have the time to get everything done.  When an opportunity came up to try to win a spot, I thought "Why not! I love to win things!!!"  I was lucky enough to win a spot to join in on Craft Academy! WOO!  I'll have to be careful in balancing everything, but I'm sure I can!!!

Twice a week we get a new tutorial on a fun new project to try.  I am very excited to try this out as it is going to stretch me in my creativity and get me to try new things that I might not have tried before.

I am very excited about the sewing projects and getting to become more comfortable with my sewing machine!

The first project was these awesome fabric post cards!  

I also tried the "extra credit" and made one with a crocheted piece on back.  I'm going to add a felt heart to it later, so I'll post an update soon.

I played around with the settings on my machine and got some awesome results!

Jun 21, 2010

Photo Fun

I would never consider myself a photographer but I love taking pictures.  
I have a lot to learn on how to use cameras and find myself baffled sometimes with my simple point and click camera.  
I get lots of blurry pictures and ones with bad lighting.  I have lots to learn.

But every so often I get some amazing shots.

Yesterday we were celebrating Father's day and we all got my father-in-law a flight on a bi-plane.
We got to all go and see him fly, it was pretty cool!
While waiting I decided to take some fun pictures and ended up with these!

This was taken with my camera on my phone

This praying mantis joined us for the take off!

Jun 18, 2010


Today when I was looking at other people's blogs I found a new background that I fell in love with and decided to make some changes to the blog.

You should already be able to see the obvious changes. Please let me know what you think. 

I like the color, but I also like the simple white backgrounds of other blogs...

Also, I followed the links Marci provided in her button making post and made my own button.

Check out my published content!

Yes I have officially given in on the on owl craze! hee heee

More Progress!

I had been S L O W L Y making my way along with the crocheted hexagon blanket.

I finally realized that I could make quicker progress if I just made the circled centers first that I could get a lot done quickly!

In fact, I was able to make 9 in two work days (and get my work responsibilities done too!)

Before it would take me all day to get 2 or 3 done and add the hexagon pattern around the edge and attach it to the blanket.

I'm hoping now I can just bust out a plethora of these circles and then get to work on piecing them all together!!

(please excuse the blurriness of the pictures. I was using my camera on my cell because I was excited about the progress and wanted everyone to know =) )

Jun 14, 2010

I gave in...

I caved and joined in on the Owlness!!!

Aren't these just the cutest though????

I found the easy peasy pattern and watched several youtube videos on crocheting amigurumi and got going!
I made the blue one while watching Harry Potter last night -- Hedwig must have inspired me!

Since I have 2 kids, I can't just make one... so I finished the pink one up while at work today.

And for Marci -- OWL with a MUSTACHE!! Hee hee hee

Jun 12, 2010

Target Trip was Invaded by...

I seriously can't escape them!!!!

We went to Target yesterday just to wander around.
While looking at the Glee CDs I found this other CD

Then we started looking at the cute decorations for kids rooms.  
I've been thinking of redecorating my daughter's room.  
I guess we can add owls to the list of possibilities

Wall Painting

Stuffed Animal 

Owl Stickers to decorate the wall

Marci and I also spend a lot of our bored time at work sending each other cute and not so cute finds from different places on the web and she HAD to send me these yesterday too...

I feel I might have to give into the craze!!

Jun 10, 2010

Owls Strike Again!!!!

Today I was at my internship and one of my girls was opening a package from her family.  
She had these journals inside.
I started giggeling... so my supervisor was like "um, whats going on"

I told her the story of the stalking owls...
Then as we turn the corner, I see a girl wearing a shirt like this

Now after this I had to tell Marci about it.
We then decided that we should combine owls and mustaches because that would just bring all the strange stuff together!

It's already been done!!!!!!

Jun 6, 2010

Felt Monster Mash

Yesterday I went on a craft adventure with my friend Marci and my 5 year old daughter.  You can read more about the adventure on Marci's Blog.
We ended up at the Stitch Lab to get some felt.  
I was planning just to get one sheet for an idea I have for a project.
My daughter saw this monster and fell in love.

She insisted that I had to make her one.
Well I have a son too, so I would have to make him one.
So before I knew it I had 7 sheets of felt.

My first thought was "Making monsters won't be too bad! This should be an easy project!"

I let me kids design their monsters. 
My daughter wanted the exact one we saw at the Stitch Lab.
My son came up with this design.

I was actually able to do most of the sewing on my sewing machine!! I was pretty proud of this accomplishment.  Of course after I sewed my son's together I realized there was NO WAY I was going to be able to flip it inside out with the skinny skinny neck... I had to take some of it apart and the sew it back together by hand in some areas... this is what I get for letting the creative kid design his own monster!!!

But after 2 days of sewing, stitching, cutting, pulling apart, stuffing and decorating, this is the final products!

My son named his Knight Ninja and my daughter named hers Harper (like from the friend who designs things on Wizards of Waverly Place)

Jun 5, 2010

Hoooo? Owls????

I'll have to admit, I don't get the whole Owl craze.  
They seem to be everywhere and I just understand why.

When I went to the Renegade Craft Fair a few weekends ago I saw Owls everywhere!!! 
I had a long conversation with one of the head people of the fair of why Owls were so popular and got a very informative conversation and a free button... an Owl button...
I'm now starting to feel like Owls are follow me.
I see them everywhere

The other day I saw them on Katie's blog

Today when I went craft supply shopping with Marci I was surrounded with Owl fabric!!!

Then my 5 year old drew me this picture

I think I might give in!!!!!

Jun 4, 2010


I'm about 20% done on the blanket!  
This is 32 hexagons all together.  
This is actually looking across the blanket so the width is 10 across.

Jun 3, 2010

Talented Family

My sister made me this quilt for graduation!!

I was completely surprised to get it and amazed at how awesome it looks!

Here is an up close view to see the fabric better

I think its pretty cool to have such a talented little sister!
Especially when I get such cool prizes!!!

Jun 2, 2010

50 has Come and Gone

WOO! This is post number 51!!!!
I have enjoyed doing this blog so much! 
It helps me stay focused on getting my crafts done.

But what I really love is getting the sweet comments from you guys!
It brightens my day when I get a message that I have a new comment!  Its almost better than a fresh cup of coffee!
I especially want to thank Marci , AJ, Katie, & Christine for always being faithful in reading my blog and posting comments!!! You ladies are the BEST!!