Jun 30, 2010

Monster Felt Money Holders

My son was telling me he needed a new wallet.
I wanted a fun place to keep my "mad" money for my new camera.
So I made these!!!
The green is mine, red belongs to my son and pink goes to the daughter.

Also, I figured out that for the last year or more I have had my camera's flash set to SUPER bright! I somehow set it to dimmer tonight and figured out how to change it!!!! So I'm glad to know I know how to use my camera better! I still want a new one though!!! We'll see though!!


  1. CUTE!!! I love them! Very fun idea! I love felt...especially when it has a funny face! I'm glad you learned something new about your camera. I had a terrifying experience this weekend trying something new on my camera. I couldn't get it back to normal!!! They need better instruction books for cameras!! :)

  2. ACK!! Technology is hard. My blogger is set up under my old email and I was logged into my gmail so it commented on a non-existent profile. It was marci me not Marci her. Don't really know how to fix that now. Hee hee!

  3. Love these! They are too cute!!