Jun 3, 2010

Talented Family

My sister made me this quilt for graduation!!

I was completely surprised to get it and amazed at how awesome it looks!

Here is an up close view to see the fabric better

I think its pretty cool to have such a talented little sister!
Especially when I get such cool prizes!!!


  1. She picked great fabric! The big flower one in the bottom picture is amazing! She needs to move here so we can get together and make quilts. :) Any chance you could post some close up pics of how she put it together? I know she said she did something with tying the fabric but I was having trouble picturing it in my head. It looks so great!

  2. And maybe some pictures of the back? Okay, now I'm being too demanding. Sorry. I can wait until the next time I'm at your house. :)

    I can't help it. I love quilts!!!

  3. I will have to add more pictures for you then! ;)

  4. Aww thank u....I think I tied on all the corners of the squares and then on the back side just randomly in the last border...I hope that makes sense.....lol and I would love to make quilts together...and move up there....but to scary!! Lol

  5. That does help. Thanks, Sandi! It's not too scary...when you have friends. ;)

    Well, until you are comfortable moving here we'll have to have a crafty day some time when you can come visit.