Jun 25, 2010

Work's Art City

In my office we have this area that we have been using to display artwork by artist in the office. It has been pretty cool to see all the awesome talent that we have here!

They have renamed the area to "Art City" and have incorporated a group theme to the area.  Every other month there is some kind of display that is put up that everyone can contribute to.  The first one was just a sheet of paper that we could all draw what we had for lunch.  I wish I had taken pictures because there was some awesome Zombies that were added in! hee hee brains for lunch!!!

This month they have 2 quilts displayed with a group "quilt" that we can all add to!  They have these different colored squares of construction paper and markers that we can use.  My friend might be one of the biggest contributor and constantly uses pictures from magazines to make her quilt squares.  

In fact she made a Team Edward square and then someone else had to make a Team Jacob to follow up =)

Today I decided to add my own by using some of my scrap yarn. 

I love working in a place that encourages creativity!!
(again I apologize for the picture quality! I only had my cell with me and just really wanted to share right away!!!)

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  1. That is so fun! I wish I could work at a place that encouraged creativity...maybe someday. :)

    Your picture is awesome!!!