Aug 28, 2012

It's Becoming a Blythe Obsession!

We might be out of control here on our love the Blythes!!
We have made a few more things and received some more since my last post!!

Kira and I finished our dress for Violet!!
It came out really cute!!
 I still need some work on gathering the skirt just right.  I felt like there was too much fabric for the skirt so I would make some changes next time.

I convinced my sister to make a quilt for Violet :)
She looks so comfy now!!

Kira got the CUTEST package from Becky and Eli with lots of cute miniatures for her Blythe!
(Thanks again my interweb friends!!!)
Kira loves to arrange the snacks out for Violet to eat.  She trades out the different pets for Violet to play with. You never know when Violet wants to play with Panda, Green Kitty or LPS Penguin!!
She hung up her school board and put a purse with it.
Kira squealed over this laundry hamper and small clothes pins!!
AND Now we have Harry Potter books for Kira and Violet!!!
I'm busy putting together each book and getting the pages just right!
Becky also sent Kira some Skull fabric!!
I made Kira another dress for Violet from the new fabric.
I also got adventurous and made Violet some PJ pants from this DIY I found on Pinterest.
This was actually a GREAT DIY that I plan to use for my kids!!!
Kira says I need to make her a sleep shirt next!!
I'll never be done!!

Until the sleep shirt is done she is wearing her skull dress with her PJ pants to bed! LOL
Kira got both her Blythes ready for bed - the littlest is from Littlest Pet Shops and her name is Sarah.
They look so cute all in their PJs!!!

Aug 27, 2012

All Finished!

I finished up the custom Ripple Blanket last week!
It turned out so pretty!!
I'll be sending it out today and hope its new owner loves it as much as I do!!

Aug 22, 2012

Almost done!

I'm almost done with the Custom Ripple blanket!! I'm so excited!!

Aug 17, 2012

Knitting socks

I have started a new adventure in sock knitting.
For my Birthday my mom got me another gift certificate for Knitpicks and I decided to buy a bunch of pretty sock yarn! I also got some awesome hand dyed yarn too!! 
Aren't these yarns pretty!!!!!

I'm pretty impatient  inspired so I got started pretty soon after the box arrived.
I decided to try to learn how to knit socks from the toe up.
It feels like I'm knitting with tooth picks!!!!!!!!

About a week into knitting my first sock I found this book and it was on SALE! 
What - 2 at a time? YES! 
I was already dreading going back and knitting the second sock and hoping I get all the measurements correct.

I started over and gave this new book a try
(see little tooth picks!!!)
I'm making these socks for Kira and she choose 2 different yarns to make crazy mismatched socks!
I love it!

Sock knitting sure takes a lot more time to complete - like I said TINY needles.
Plus I'm still working on my custom blanket so I'm just knitting when I want a break from crocheting.
Have you tried knitting 2 socks at a time? How did it work for you?

Aug 12, 2012

Ripple Blanket Update

And I'm half way done!!
(colors are not true to life as I used my instagram filter)

Aug 6, 2012

Making a skirt for my girl

Kira has decided that she really loves skulls!!
(I need to post the pictures of skulls she keeps drawing!)
Saturday she saw this bundle of fabric at Joanns and asked if we could get it.
I gave in - I've had a long standing "no skulls" rule because I thought they were too creepy for my baby, but how can you deny skulls on pink fabric!?!?

Kira had some plans for the material that involved making pillows.
I convinced her today to make a skirt with the fabric after we looked at the skirt tutorials on Hickety Pickety and Venus de Hilo
We decided to use all of the fabric and make it into a patchwork style skirt!
This was an easy enough project that Kira could do most of the sewing on.  
Her new sewing machine from her grand-rat works great and is easy for her to use.

We had to add an extra panel of fabric because I miss calculated and it was going to be WAY small!
Thankfully we had enough extra fabric!!
I used the Hickety Pickety idea of the "no hem" skirt and loved how it turned out.  It added some length too and gave it a more polished look without me having to make a straight hem!!

We finished it in a few hours and she had a skirt right after lunch!
She LOVES it and wants to wear it on the first day of school!!!
This is Kira's favorite skull from all the fabric!!

Aug 4, 2012

Custom Order

I am so excited about my first custom order from my Etsy Shop!
This will be a crocheted ripple blanket 40X60 in Navy, Light Blue and Ivory.  I'm very excited about this project and have been hard at work.  My goal is to have it completed in 4-6 weeks (I'm almost done with week 1!)
I'll be posting updates along the way and would love to know what you think!

Aug 2, 2012

Blythe Craziness!

In June we got Kira her first Blythe/Basaak Doll.  She was so excited and wanted to get started right away on making outfits for her.  Kira has named her Violet because she thinks she looks like Violet from The Incredibles!
The first thing we did for Violet was give her some new hair.  Kira felt that since her name was Violet, she needed violet hair!!

We got this cute purple wig from Blythsim's Etsy shop.  It turned out PERFECT!  I just need to secure the hair better now so the wig doesn't come off so easily.

Last week Kira and I started our first dress for Violet.  We used the VERY helpful tutorial from Olivia on the OHstrumpets Blythes too! Blog.  Seriously it was VERY helpful!

We've only gotten to the bodice so far, but I'm hoping next week we'll get to the skirt too.
Kira did all the cutting and ironing.  She was a little nervous about sewing so I did this part.  I think she will be able to sew more on the skirt!
Kira picked really cute fabric from my collection!

Finally I knitted two hoodies for her from this pattern
The ROYGBIV came out perfect!  
I made this other one while we were on vacation with my cotton yarn I had.
This picture gives you a better idea of what the hoodie looks like.
Now I understand why gage is important!!!
The ROYGBIV was done with the recommended sock yarn and the green was done with some cotton yarn that was a little thicker, causing the hoodie to be A LOT bigger!!! It's huge on her! But Kira still loves it, so it doesn't really matter to me!!

We are sinking further and further into the Blythe world! Kira saw that you can change the makeup!! So I'll be researching that soon!!!