Aug 28, 2012

It's Becoming a Blythe Obsession!

We might be out of control here on our love the Blythes!!
We have made a few more things and received some more since my last post!!

Kira and I finished our dress for Violet!!
It came out really cute!!
 I still need some work on gathering the skirt just right.  I felt like there was too much fabric for the skirt so I would make some changes next time.

I convinced my sister to make a quilt for Violet :)
She looks so comfy now!!

Kira got the CUTEST package from Becky and Eli with lots of cute miniatures for her Blythe!
(Thanks again my interweb friends!!!)
Kira loves to arrange the snacks out for Violet to eat.  She trades out the different pets for Violet to play with. You never know when Violet wants to play with Panda, Green Kitty or LPS Penguin!!
She hung up her school board and put a purse with it.
Kira squealed over this laundry hamper and small clothes pins!!
AND Now we have Harry Potter books for Kira and Violet!!!
I'm busy putting together each book and getting the pages just right!
Becky also sent Kira some Skull fabric!!
I made Kira another dress for Violet from the new fabric.
I also got adventurous and made Violet some PJ pants from this DIY I found on Pinterest.
This was actually a GREAT DIY that I plan to use for my kids!!!
Kira says I need to make her a sleep shirt next!!
I'll never be done!!

Until the sleep shirt is done she is wearing her skull dress with her PJ pants to bed! LOL
Kira got both her Blythes ready for bed - the littlest is from Littlest Pet Shops and her name is Sarah.
They look so cute all in their PJs!!!


  1. <3 this is the sweetest post ever!!! Kira is so awesome! I love that blythe size quilt!!! The last photo is completely precious!!!

  2. I am so jealous - I never had miniatures for my favorite doll! I'm glad that you both are having fun with this!

  3. how cute I love everything!!!!!

  4. When my mom was younger she used to knit little rugs for her tin doll house. She didn't know how to finish off so just knit them for a while and left them unfinished. A few years ago we found a bunch of them in a box at my Grandpa's house and my mom had to explain the whole thing to me. I'm not sure why her doll house needed SO many unfinished rugs but it can be so much fun making little accessories to play with!