Jun 25, 2012

My Week in Pictures - Week 8

I can hardly believe we only have one more week left in JUNE!!!
This week was busy and I somehow didn't stop to take pictures!
I still found some good ones to share though :)

In my weight loss journey I have now lost 15 pounds!

My son was having a lot of fun with this bubble blower!

My kids went to their grandparents this weekend and got to do a lot of fun things with them.
Kira tested out her new sewing machine she got for her Birthday.
She already has a list of things to make with it!!
I'm aiming for those projects with straight lines like pillows!

My son helped refurbish this doll house.
It was my sister-in-laws and then her daughter used it.
I thought I could use it at work with my kids!
So excited and can't wait for my work kids to hear that my son helped!

Kira got baptized this Sunday!
I love that my husband has gotten to baptize both of our kids.

I'm making some fingerless gloves for our cutie neighbor girls! 
They are always borrowing Kira's when they play rockstar so I need to get them their own pair for when they are rockstars at home!!
I've been knitting away on this blanket and getting caught up on Grey's on the hubby's fancy Kindle Fire.
AND I think I've decided what to make with these bright colored grannies!!
My little sister pointed out that she liked the colors when she saw them, so I thought I'd make something for her!
I'll let you know what I make after its done!
Just in case it doesn't turn out right!!!!

Jun 19, 2012

Bow ties ARE cool

Sunday was Father's Day and we celebrated it at church by having a Bad Tie Day.
I of course had to make sure that everyone would have a tie to wear that day and got busy crocheting some ties from my scraps of yarn.

These were some of the ones I made.

I wore the blue sparkly one that morning :)

Of course we had to get a group shot of everyone sporting their bad ties!!
This might be the only day that you will find this many people in our church all dressed up at one time.

Jun 18, 2012

My Week In Pictures - Week 7

Oh goodness another week has gone by!
This was an extra special week full of celebrations!
I'm worn out!!!!

This week I celebrated 13 years of marriage to my best friend 

Celebrated Kira's 8th Birthday with some extra spoilage!

Celebrated Father's Day 
This is a pic of my brother, myself and my dad - my first father's day with him in 10 years

I got to hang out by the pool at work this week!
One of my kids wanted me to see him swim because he was finally brave enough to get in!
Bless his sweet heart!!

We had a pool party for Kira and one of her besties
I was not thinking clearly when I gave kazoos as gift bag prizes!

We are expanding the geekdom and introduced some friends to Munchkin Quest!
You MUST play this game if you love D&D

And in the crafting world -
I have started a new geeky hoop

And I made a bunch of bow ties!
We had bad tie day at church and I had to make some extras!
I'll post more about this later! I want to share all the cute pics I got!

I hope your week was just as blessed!!

Jun 14, 2012

Special Bear for a Special Friend

I LOVE the internets!!!!
One of the best thing about the internet is making friends through all the cool blogs, Instagram, twitter...

Well, one of the interweb friends I have made is Becky and I love following all her fun pictures on Instagram.
She has the cutest step-son Eli that is the same age as my daughter Kira and they have ended up becoming friends too - I'll have to share more about that!
Well Eli's Birthday was last month and Kira and I wanted to send him something special for his Birthday

I thought first of a party hat...

And then decided that a bear needs a party hat!!!
He turned out extra cute!!!!!!

Kira helped me decorate the shipping box too!!!

Becky let us know that Eli loved his bear :) YEAH!
I love being able to get Kira excited about making things for people, even when we haven't met them in person.  Also it helps get the an appreciation for the old fashion snail mail!! Who doesn't love getting real mail???

PS - You can see pictures of Eli with Teddy here!

Jun 11, 2012

My week in pictures - Week 6

Oh my goodness where did my time go!!!!
Last week was full of lots of adventures!
I'm adjusting to a new work schedule (one of the reasons this post is late today!)
and the kids are adjusting to summer fun with friends.

Kira and I mailed a package to a special friend.
Kira loves decorating packages!

Speaking of Kira, she always amazes me with her sense of creativity!
She put feathers in her hair and also had a feather tail!

Caed had a fun week of Cub Scout day camp.
One of the things he made was a lamp base - he also had to put all the working parts together! He is pretty proud of this one!

We have new pets!!!
We found 3 Screech Owls in one of our trees this weekend.
We have become obsessed with checking on them and seeing where they are each time.  They head out each night for hunting but come back in the morning!  
Caed has named this one Screecher and is convinced that it is bringing him his letter from Hogwarts!

I'm working on some bow-ties!!
We are having an ugly tie day for father's day at church.
While these aren't necessarily ugly, I think they will be fun to share!
And I made a bunny!!!!!  
I need to finish his little carrot home now!!!

Jun 5, 2012

I entered a contest...

In March I saw that the Austin Browncoats were having a contest to celebrate 10 years after Firefly began.
In case you didn't know, I think Firefly is the BEST show ever!
I even learned to knit so I could make a Jayne Hat!  I made my first attempt about a month after learning to knit, I was that determined!

There was an art portion of this contest so I decided to enter my Serenity Embroidery Hoop
When I made this hoop, I pictured Kaylee and Inara sitting by each other and making this together.  They both have different reasons for loving their Serenity and want to remember her in their own way. 

Well, I got 1st place!! YEAH! I'm so honored to have won this contest! I get some cool Firefly related items that I can't wait to get!

I've got some more Firefly inspired ideas for future Geeky Hoops to get started on soon!!!

PS I didn't get a chance to put together my week in pictures yesterday.  I looked at my pictures and realized that I didn't have a lot from last week anyways! I'll make up for it next week!!

Jun 1, 2012

Another Unicorn!

I made another amigurumi from my book - the shy little unicorn!
I used my new yarn too and was so excited to use all the bright colors!!

She turned out so cute! 
Both my kids like to play with her.
Kira gave her a crown and made her queen of all ponies!

I love her pretty hair!!!!