Jun 14, 2012

Special Bear for a Special Friend

I LOVE the internets!!!!
One of the best thing about the internet is making friends through all the cool blogs, Instagram, twitter...

Well, one of the interweb friends I have made is Becky and I love following all her fun pictures on Instagram.
She has the cutest step-son Eli that is the same age as my daughter Kira and they have ended up becoming friends too - I'll have to share more about that!
Well Eli's Birthday was last month and Kira and I wanted to send him something special for his Birthday

I thought first of a party hat...

And then decided that a bear needs a party hat!!!
He turned out extra cute!!!!!!

Kira helped me decorate the shipping box too!!!

Becky let us know that Eli loved his bear :) YEAH!
I love being able to get Kira excited about making things for people, even when we haven't met them in person.  Also it helps get the an appreciation for the old fashion snail mail!! Who doesn't love getting real mail???

PS - You can see pictures of Eli with Teddy here!


  1. You are an awesome Mom to teach Kira the joys of doing for others, even if we haven't met them in person. I love the way you help her with her love of creativity. She will have such good memories - and a love for crafting when she is older.

  2. Velma! :) That was THE sweetest! Eli and I both thank you SO much!! he LOVES getting mail! I love that Kira and him are little pen pals! Makes me so happy! The Kira decorated box was a hit! Everyone at work thought it was too precious!! Thank you for being such a wonderful (interwebs) friend!!!

    1. I'm so glad!!!!! I hope we can keep these two pen palling for awhile!!!!
      Your welcome!!! My hubby laughs at having interweb friends but he is just jealous!!!!