Jun 18, 2012

My Week In Pictures - Week 7

Oh goodness another week has gone by!
This was an extra special week full of celebrations!
I'm worn out!!!!

This week I celebrated 13 years of marriage to my best friend 

Celebrated Kira's 8th Birthday with some extra spoilage!

Celebrated Father's Day 
This is a pic of my brother, myself and my dad - my first father's day with him in 10 years

I got to hang out by the pool at work this week!
One of my kids wanted me to see him swim because he was finally brave enough to get in!
Bless his sweet heart!!

We had a pool party for Kira and one of her besties
I was not thinking clearly when I gave kazoos as gift bag prizes!

We are expanding the geekdom and introduced some friends to Munchkin Quest!
You MUST play this game if you love D&D

And in the crafting world -
I have started a new geeky hoop

And I made a bunch of bow ties!
We had bad tie day at church and I had to make some extras!
I'll post more about this later! I want to share all the cute pics I got!

I hope your week was just as blessed!!

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  1. Wow! You had lots of celebrations this week. :-)