Jun 25, 2012

My Week in Pictures - Week 8

I can hardly believe we only have one more week left in JUNE!!!
This week was busy and I somehow didn't stop to take pictures!
I still found some good ones to share though :)

In my weight loss journey I have now lost 15 pounds!

My son was having a lot of fun with this bubble blower!

My kids went to their grandparents this weekend and got to do a lot of fun things with them.
Kira tested out her new sewing machine she got for her Birthday.
She already has a list of things to make with it!!
I'm aiming for those projects with straight lines like pillows!

My son helped refurbish this doll house.
It was my sister-in-laws and then her daughter used it.
I thought I could use it at work with my kids!
So excited and can't wait for my work kids to hear that my son helped!

Kira got baptized this Sunday!
I love that my husband has gotten to baptize both of our kids.

I'm making some fingerless gloves for our cutie neighbor girls! 
They are always borrowing Kira's when they play rockstar so I need to get them their own pair for when they are rockstars at home!!
I've been knitting away on this blanket and getting caught up on Grey's on the hubby's fancy Kindle Fire.
AND I think I've decided what to make with these bright colored grannies!!
My little sister pointed out that she liked the colors when she saw them, so I thought I'd make something for her!
I'll let you know what I make after its done!
Just in case it doesn't turn out right!!!!


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