Jun 11, 2012

My week in pictures - Week 6

Oh my goodness where did my time go!!!!
Last week was full of lots of adventures!
I'm adjusting to a new work schedule (one of the reasons this post is late today!)
and the kids are adjusting to summer fun with friends.

Kira and I mailed a package to a special friend.
Kira loves decorating packages!

Speaking of Kira, she always amazes me with her sense of creativity!
She put feathers in her hair and also had a feather tail!

Caed had a fun week of Cub Scout day camp.
One of the things he made was a lamp base - he also had to put all the working parts together! He is pretty proud of this one!

We have new pets!!!
We found 3 Screech Owls in one of our trees this weekend.
We have become obsessed with checking on them and seeing where they are each time.  They head out each night for hunting but come back in the morning!  
Caed has named this one Screecher and is convinced that it is bringing him his letter from Hogwarts!

I'm working on some bow-ties!!
We are having an ugly tie day for father's day at church.
While these aren't necessarily ugly, I think they will be fun to share!
And I made a bunny!!!!!  
I need to finish his little carrot home now!!!


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