Dec 28, 2010

Another fun request

I got another request to make a special hat for Christmas. One of my friends asked if I could make a Pikmin hat for her husband.

What I loved about this project was I got to try something new in regards to putting a character on a hat.  

The last time I did this for my Gomba Hat I used the fair isle technique to carry colors behind the project.  I wasn't able to do it exactly right for that project but I thought I could try it again.  Well it still didn't work because I ended up with a very small hat.  Gotta figure out the tension!

So I thought for a bit and decided I could just "embroider" or cross stitch the characters ontop of the already made hat! 

It worked out perfectly and the hat turned out great!

Dec 26, 2010


FINALLY I can share some of my Christmas presents I made for my family!!! 
I really do love getting to spend my time making lovely gifts for my loved ones!

Awhile back my aunt had this awesome knit headband with a giant crocheted flower on it that she wore at one of the football games.  I knew right away that I could make some for my sister-in-laws and it would be the perfect gift for them!

These were fast and easy to make. 
I finished them off with a fun button on the end so it will be easy to take them on and off. 
Hopefully I'll get a fun picture of my sister-in-laws wearing them to post later!

Dec 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! 

My fun times with the family starts today!!!!  I love all the fun traditions we have and the new ones we are starting with my sister and her soon to be here baby!!!

I made a bunch of my gifts this year and I CAN NOT wait to give them!!!  I'll be posting some pictures soon!!!

Dec 20, 2010

Music Monday Christmas Style

I was inspired by my friend Marci to make this Music Monday Post.  Christmas is almost here!!!!!!  Nothing gets me more in the Christmas mood than to hear Christmas Music.  I thought I would share some of my favorite with you guys!
I hope you all enjoy!!

U2 - Christmas, Baby Please Come Home

Band Aid - Do They Know its Christmas Time?

Bruce Springsteen - Santa Clause is Coming to Town

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Barenaked Ladies

Little Drummer Boy - Jars of Clay

Dec 19, 2010

Another hat...

Along with those mohawk hats my friend asked me to make a special hat for her friend to help lift her spirits.  We came up this simple santa type hat with this fun yarn.

 It measured about 2 feet from end to end... like forever long!!!!

 I loved how bright and happy this yarn is! Self stripping yarn is so awesome!!!

This hat made me smile, so I hope it does the same for the friend!

Dec 18, 2010

For those about to rock...

My friend made a request for some special hats for Christmas.  This is my friend from high school whom I would make toothbrush bracelets with and we had paperclip necklaces. We were just a little different, but we were good together =) 

SO it made sense to me that she wanted mohawk hats for her kids - ages 6 and 1!! All kids need some extra rock'n in their hats!

I will say I had a LOT of fun making these hats and I plan to make some more. Yeah!!

And here are my kids being rock stars!!!!

Dec 7, 2010

A special request

My friend asked for a special present for her father for Christmas.  Since he is a Firefly fan, I thought this awesome mousepad would be perfect!!!

It's another hand embroidered Serenity with part of the theme song from the show.

I was so excited to get this finished. It took forever to find the right mouse pad to slide in the embroidery piece in, but I think came out perfect!!
And in case you aren't familiar with the theme song...

Dec 6, 2010

Ornament Swap - Part 2

My ornament for the  Stumpet's Christmas Ornament Swap is crocheted and mailed off to my swap partner Mandi!   I decided to make something without a pattern (scary!) and just see what happens!  I thought a snowman would be simple enough, so here he is!

He is right at home on a Christmas Tree!
I can't wait to get mine! It's coming all the way from Canada!!! How awesome!!!  I will post pictures when I get it!!!!!
And check out the flickr group to see the other creations in the swap!!!

Dec 4, 2010

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

One of the requests I got from the Art City Display was for the Wild Thing Character "Carol."  At first I was overwhelmed with making such an iconic figure, but my friend Sarah had the perfect crochet pattern for him and I was able to get him finished in one weekend.

So here he is!

Carol was very interested in reading the book for himself

He was also impressed with his fierce looking claws

And now he is going to let the wild rumpus start in my backyard! I hope my trees survive!!!!!

Dec 1, 2010

World AIDS Day

The 1st December is World AIDS Day, an international day of reflection, when we remember those who have died and those living with HIV.

I lost my uncle Bruce 15 years ago to AIDS.  Today I remember him and I remember the things that were important to him.  I remember what his death spurred in me - the desire to not have another person lose a loved one to such a horrible disease.

Today I wanted to share a video I had made as part of a project I did for graduate school. 

AIDS and HIV are not going away and we can do something about it.
Find ways you can join in 
Lets shout into the darkness!