Dec 1, 2010

World AIDS Day

The 1st December is World AIDS Day, an international day of reflection, when we remember those who have died and those living with HIV.

I lost my uncle Bruce 15 years ago to AIDS.  Today I remember him and I remember the things that were important to him.  I remember what his death spurred in me - the desire to not have another person lose a loved one to such a horrible disease.

Today I wanted to share a video I had made as part of a project I did for graduate school. 

AIDS and HIV are not going away and we can do something about it.
Find ways you can join in 
Lets shout into the darkness!


  1. I cry everytime I watch this video. You did a beautiful job, Velma. :)

  2. oh wow Velma, I'll keep your uncle in my thoughts. Your video was wonderful! It's so great to see such passion and caring!