Nov 1, 2012

Halloween craftiness

We had another crafty Halloween!
Kira and I went as Unicorns!
I was a more of a My Little Pony Unicorn and Kira was Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time

For Kira's Costume I sewed the dress on my own.
Now I'm really excited about this because I made her dress WITHOUT a pattern!!!
Now there were some small messups along the way - like not making the neck big enough for her to put her head through!! But we were able to make some adjustments and it was perfect!
I also crocheted her unicorn horn and attached it to a crocheted headband.
back view -- arm warmers were knee high socks we just cut to make them work

Now I found a fun pattern for a unicorn hat that I wanted to use for my costume.
But, it didn't work out so great...
Even Kira agreed it was a pattern fail!!!!
But I was able to use some of the information from the pattern and come up with this awesome unicorn hat.
I really liked being able to tell people that I made it all on my own!!
Homemade Halloween costumes are for sure the best!!
Did you make your costume this year?

Oct 13, 2012

I Love Craft Swaps!

I am a BIG lover of Ravelry
I have mostly used it for finding crochet and knitting patterns or seeing how a pattern has worked for other people. 
I recently joined in some groups on Ravelry, one being for Blythes.
I joined just in time because they had just started a Halloween Craft Swap for Blythes!
I made a few cute things for my partner, but will wait to post those when she gets her package!
But these are the goodies I got from Kimberly 
I didn't get pictures of everything because Kira was stealing things as I took them out because she loved them all!  Look at these cute dresses and the sock monkey!!!  I LOVE the tiny composition note book!!
YEAH! A black cat and a cauldron!!
(Kira felt the cup and hamster needed to join in on the picture even though they weren't in the package!!)
The pink sparkly was sent for Kira and she is excited to use it!!

I can't wait to show what I sent to my partner. 
I snooped around on her etsy favorites page and picked a few things to try to make
It was a lot of fun!
Craft swaps are the BEST!!!
Thanks Kim and thanks for including my daughter too!!!

Oct 8, 2012

I've Got My Eye on You!!

I found another great project off of Pinterest!
This was such a great and easy project to put together and the kids were able to help!

I got my tool, ribbon and wreath from Hobby Lobby and the bouncy ball eyeballs from Target.
I spent under $15 for this whole project! YEAH!

I would like to add more eyeballs to it and thankfully it is super easy to add them!
Just need to add a stick pin to the eye and stick it on!
My kids are super excited and already hung it up on the front door!

Oct 6, 2012


I finished up my rainbow socks!!!
I had so much fun making these! If I didn't have a long list of projects waiting to be made (and I wasn't so impatient to wear them!!!) I would have kept on going!  These ended up being about mid-calf.  The yarn is super soft and came from Knit Picks.  
Knitting socks two at time makes it easier to line the stripes up together and not having to worry about counting rows so they will end up being the same length.  I highly recommend knitting two a time if you try making socks!

Oct 3, 2012

Back to an Old Favorite

Sorry for not being good about posting regularly! I'm working on some Christmas presents already so I can't post pictures of those! Spoilers sweetie!

But I do want to share a project I finished yesterday.
Awhile back I saw this cute DIY for a cell phone case off of pinterest, but couldn't find the blog it was linked to (hate when this happens!)

Source: via velma on Pinterest

Can you tell why I wanted to do this? 
Geekiness and craftiness! 
I finally found the link on Wee Little Stitches and got ready to go!
Now Wee Little Stitches has an Etsy shop with SO MANY AWESOME geeky cross stitch patterns that I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted to put on my phone.
I finally decided on FIREFLY
I haven't cross stitched in forever! I learned how from my mom - a very talented cross stitcher.
I forgot how fun it is to get all the colors and follow the pattern.
I decided to have Jayne and Kaylee on my phone
And here it is all finished!!
I am so excited!
Now I have to stitch all of my browncoats on one piece :)
What do you think?  Do you like to cross stitch? I'd love to see what you have done or are working on.