Oct 13, 2012

I Love Craft Swaps!

I am a BIG lover of Ravelry
I have mostly used it for finding crochet and knitting patterns or seeing how a pattern has worked for other people. 
I recently joined in some groups on Ravelry, one being for Blythes.
I joined just in time because they had just started a Halloween Craft Swap for Blythes!
I made a few cute things for my partner, but will wait to post those when she gets her package!
But these are the goodies I got from Kimberly 
I didn't get pictures of everything because Kira was stealing things as I took them out because she loved them all!  Look at these cute dresses and the sock monkey!!!  I LOVE the tiny composition note book!!
YEAH! A black cat and a cauldron!!
(Kira felt the cup and hamster needed to join in on the picture even though they weren't in the package!!)
The pink sparkly was sent for Kira and she is excited to use it!!

I can't wait to show what I sent to my partner. 
I snooped around on her etsy favorites page and picked a few things to try to make
It was a lot of fun!
Craft swaps are the BEST!!!
Thanks Kim and thanks for including my daughter too!!!


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