May 25, 2011

Finished? Not really..

So I have put together all the circles I made resulting in this beautiful blanket
only bad part is that it only measures to about 3 foot by 3 foot!!! So it't not as big as I would like!
But the awesome thing about granny squares is that is is super easy to just make more squares and add on!

So I'm going to make a row at a time and see where I end!

May 23, 2011

Motivational Monday

I try to remember this because we never know what kind of situation someone else is in...

May 18, 2011

OO an Update!

I love making this granny squared blanket and I wanted to share an update with you all!

I've got 4 rows already.  I'm already realizing that the blanket is going to be smaller than I planned so I will have to go back and make more circles.  But I'm OK with that! It helps me to learn and getting a better grasp of the process!
Or maybe I'll just make it into a baby blanket ;) We'll see!!!

May 14, 2011


I now have all 100 circles ready to make in SQUARES!
Kira helped me sort them all
And then she helped me plan out the pattern we are going to use for the blanket.  This was completely Kira's idea for the color pattern! It looks so awesome!

My little helper assisted in making stacks and then numbering them so I would put them in correct order.

I've started the squaring process today!

I'm going to use this antique white for the each square to pull everything together.
The blanket is going to be 10 by 10.  I'll try to take some pictures along the way to keep you updated.  This has gone faster then I had thought.  I LOVE how great its looking!!!!

May 7, 2011

Progress on Granny Square Blanket

Last week I started my newest granny square blanket and I'm already making great progress!!

One week later and I already have the 1st row around all the little centers.
100 little circles!!!

Here is a better look at the colors I'm using.  I think they are so fun together! This is going to be the perfect bright and happy blanket for my living room!!

 I'm sure you are wondering what the next step is -- well here is a picture of what it looks like.   

I'll be adding another row to each circle.  I'm thinking this will take me more than a week to do all 100 circles.  I'll try to post pictures even if I'm not finished with this step next week (or sooner if I have time!)

What fun things are you working on?

May 5, 2011

I love craft swaps!

I have participated in 3 craft swaps through Strumpets Crumpets and I have to say they are AWESOME! 
I really love making something for someone else and then getting such an amazing goodie in return!!

I just finished the Easter Swap and I made my partner some crocheted eggs

Aren't the cute???  I had so much fun making these!!

And I received the SWEETEST Spring Wreath EVER from my partner Jenny
I had to hang it up right away!!!

You can see other goodies that were made on Becky's Flickr page