May 14, 2011


I now have all 100 circles ready to make in SQUARES!
Kira helped me sort them all
And then she helped me plan out the pattern we are going to use for the blanket.  This was completely Kira's idea for the color pattern! It looks so awesome!

My little helper assisted in making stacks and then numbering them so I would put them in correct order.

I've started the squaring process today!

I'm going to use this antique white for the each square to pull everything together.
The blanket is going to be 10 by 10.  I'll try to take some pictures along the way to keep you updated.  This has gone faster then I had thought.  I LOVE how great its looking!!!!

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  1. It's lot's of work to make such an blanket, but so worth it (i can imagine!) Curious how it's gonna look once your done :) Have fun!!