Apr 30, 2011

New Blanket Project

I recently saw this blanket on pinterest and decided I HAD to make it!

I looks so pretty and fun to make!  
I looked at the yarn colors I already had, added a few more and come up with these 9 colors for my blanket

I read on another blog where she found it more efficient and time effective to do all the centers first and then move onto the next row for all the centers and so forth. So I'm giving that a try.

I now have 99 centers done! 
I'm going to see if that will work for the size of blanket I'm aiming for -- I just want something to cuddle under when I'm watching TV!  

What I love about granny square blankets is that is simple to add more squares to make it bigger if needed!
I'll post pictures to show my progress as I go along! Hopefully it won't take me as long I took for the hexagon blanket!!!


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