Apr 6, 2011

Hooo is stalking who?

I think I have told you that I am not much of a fan of owls.  Even after I crocheted my own owls, I still wasn't joined in on the craze.

Now my friend Marci has tried desperately to win me over by sending me pictures of owls (or maybe she is trying to annoy me... hmmm...)  I get them in email, text, twitter messages and on my facebook! 

Since she has gone to great lengths to share the owls with me, I thought I would pass them onto my readers in a weekly post I will call "Hooo is stalking who?"  

Hopefully you will enjoy them =) Maybe you love owls and can really appreciate them. Or you might be like me and are still shaking your head!

This was the last Owl posting I got from Marci.  She insists that my name is written on these scissors, but I'm still not sure!!!


  1. I'm not too big into the current owl obsession, but I like those scissors :)

  2. Hehe! I don't send them to annoy you at all! ;) I'm not totally obsessed with owls but I can't lie....some of them are pretty cute! Yes, I do make them. But it started out as a joke and became popular so I can't stop! When I find a cute one I like to pass it along. And when I find a creepy one I like to pass it along...cause it makes me laugh! ;)

  3. I love owls! My mom has quite the owl collection from the 70's and I always thought it was so odd how many owl themed things we had in our house growing up. I certainly didn't think I'd turn into her!

  4. I'm not a giant fan either but I do like the vases and White things. I prefer pugs and kitties. I do like those scissors though! A lot! Just something different from the classic stork embroidery scissors