Apr 12, 2011


becky farleys craft blog

It's another craft swap with Strumpet's Crumpets!!!
I've participated in the last Christmas and Valentines swaps and have really loved them!
SO you had better believe that I'm doing this one!
I already know what I am going to make!!!!

Join in! It's so fun!!! Plus you get an awesome craft from a new friend!!


  1. I signed up too! I'm really not sure how much to make for my craft swap partner though - any suggestions?

  2. Kate-- yeah for joining in!!! I have made one item for my partners in the past. One time I got one thing in return and the next it was a package full of goodies!! I think I'm making 2 things this time because I have 2 ideas!! Hee hee. And based on the flickr pics I think most people send one or two items! Hope that helps!!