Apr 26, 2010

On a Mario Kick

I might be going overboard on the Mario stuff, but they are so fun and cute to make!

I found this web page  that had great instructions with pictures for carrying multiple colors aka Fair Isle.  It made knitting a pattern with multiple colors easier and it looks cleaner. Plus the edges of the design weren't pulling where I had been changing the colors out!  I didn't take into account that when using 4 colors it would add more bulk plus I was a little too tight in my technique so the hat kind of pulls in the middle! OPPS!  SO while I had intended for this to be given to one of my adult friends, I think I will give it to one of my 4 or 5 year old friends =) 

Its still super cute though! 
My flash washed out some of the color but you get the idea!


  1. I didn't get to see you finish it tonight because I was helping Noemi and Sarah. It looks great!! The design looks awesome! Who is the lucky 4 or 5 year old friend that gets to wear this awesome hat?

  2. Not sure officially who might get it, but I might just hold onto it for later... I'm still thinking on it!