Apr 13, 2010

Earth Day - Getting Started

My friend Marci is making an Earth Day Project and it inspired me to make one too!  

I found this cute grocery bag tote on Lion Brand's website.

I started working on it last week but its taking me some time to do it even though its a pretty simple pattern.  First, you have to use two strands of the yarn to help with durability and the yarn I'm using is already pretty stiff... so after about 3 rows my fingers are ready to quit.  So I've only been working on it in slow increments but also with determination to get this part done so I can move onto yarn that won't hate me.

I'm planning to make a heart to go on the pocket instead of the stripes.  Thinking about adding buttons too, not sure yet!  But here is where I am so far!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Your stitches look so nice and even! Looks like you are making some good progress. I would have never thought about needing to make it thicker. I guess that makes sense though.

    The heart is going to be so cute!!!