Apr 24, 2010

Birthday Clutch

I really like being able to make the presents I give to friends and family!  I made this clutch for my sister-in-law.  I'm sending it in the mail to her, so don't tell her!!! ; )

 I started working on the purse last month.
I liked being able to combine the knitting and sewing in this project.  There weren't a lot of instructions on how to sew in the lining and how to make it work just right, so I used some suggestions from Marci and it worked out in the end!

I would never have picked out that fabric on my own.  I was walking back and forth in Jo-Ann's when a helpful clerk pulled 3 possible fabrics for me and I just loved this one!  Also another shopper helped me with the ribbon since the one I had started with would fray easily. Good to know!!! Love that I had so many helpful people through out this project!


  1. I don't think I was very helpful but thanks for saying it anyway. Don't you love how nice crafty people are? They are always happy to help you when you look lost in the store. It's the best!

    The bag turned out great!!! I'm so impressed!!!

  2. Thanks ladies! I had fun making it!!!!