Apr 18, 2010

Crochet, not so bad!

Here is an update picture of the blanket for my son.  Its about 3 feet across.  I made a big mistake last night and added another corner to it so for a short while it had 5 corners.  So I guess I was aiming for a pentagon at that point!  Oh well, yarn comes apart easily so I was able to get back to where I had added the extra corner and took it out. 

I've got plans to make a blanket for my daughter and make heart squares like this and use lots of bright colors

When I get this whole crochet thing down I would love to make these awesome creations!  


 My daughter thinks she needs the unicorn and my son needs the dinosaur 
(Thanks AJ for the cute finds!)


pure awesome 


Isn't this Conan O'Brien the cutest????


  1. I can't believe that's your first try at crochet. It's so great! You really pick stuff up quickly. I'm a slow learner but that's okay. Love the Conan!!!

    No pictures of the 5-corner blanket? ;)

  2. It looks great!!! But i think a pentagon blanket would've been cool too ;)
    aw, I love the ewok!

  3. HAHA!!! I just looked at bearded crochet Conan! That's funny!!! Are you going to buy the pattern?

  4. I may get the pattern for Conan once I get better and braver!!!!