Aug 2, 2012

Blythe Craziness!

In June we got Kira her first Blythe/Basaak Doll.  She was so excited and wanted to get started right away on making outfits for her.  Kira has named her Violet because she thinks she looks like Violet from The Incredibles!
The first thing we did for Violet was give her some new hair.  Kira felt that since her name was Violet, she needed violet hair!!

We got this cute purple wig from Blythsim's Etsy shop.  It turned out PERFECT!  I just need to secure the hair better now so the wig doesn't come off so easily.

Last week Kira and I started our first dress for Violet.  We used the VERY helpful tutorial from Olivia on the OHstrumpets Blythes too! Blog.  Seriously it was VERY helpful!

We've only gotten to the bodice so far, but I'm hoping next week we'll get to the skirt too.
Kira did all the cutting and ironing.  She was a little nervous about sewing so I did this part.  I think she will be able to sew more on the skirt!
Kira picked really cute fabric from my collection!

Finally I knitted two hoodies for her from this pattern
The ROYGBIV came out perfect!  
I made this other one while we were on vacation with my cotton yarn I had.
This picture gives you a better idea of what the hoodie looks like.
Now I understand why gage is important!!!
The ROYGBIV was done with the recommended sock yarn and the green was done with some cotton yarn that was a little thicker, causing the hoodie to be A LOT bigger!!! It's huge on her! But Kira still loves it, so it doesn't really matter to me!!

We are sinking further and further into the Blythe world! Kira saw that you can change the makeup!! So I'll be researching that soon!!! 

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  1. What fun! And, what a fun way for Kira to learn sewing and knitting and crochet techniques! Send me a copy of the ROYGBIV hoodie - happens I have a huge stash of sock yarn and I would enjoy getting in the Blythe madness!