Jul 20, 2012

Passing on the Craft

I love that my daughter shares my love for crafting.
She has always been a creative girl and I'm glad that she is wanting to learn how to crochet.
Of course she was also inspired when she saw that Becky's boy Eli was also crocheting friendship bracelets and was eager to start right away!
Kira has been a fast learner and took off with her chain stitches!
She made a bunch of friendship bracelets for her Girl Scout buds and for her pen pal Eli

Her first "project" was an armwarmer for her puppy!!!

Now she is trying her hand at sewing!!!!!

The world of crafting is wide open for her and I hope to encourage her in this area.
The world will be much happier with more crafty kids!
What kind of crafts are you teaching your kids??


  1. That is terrific! You're teaching her skills that will last a life time!


  2. I love how enthused she is on learning all about your craftiness! I'll hope that one day my kids will be just as excited for crafts but in the meantime I spent the week trying to do crafty things with my not quite 2 year old niece. She mostly just wanted to look at pictures of goats on my phone...but I think I made progress...