Jul 16, 2012

My Week in Pictures - week 11

This week has had some interesting things happen.
Mostly my kids have kept me entertained!
Kira wrote some thank you cards.  I love that she wore her Davy Crocket Hat all day!

Kira also drew "tattoos" all over herself with markers at daycare!
She cracks me up!
She even drew the ones on her cheek herself!
Life is always interesting with Caed - he just isn't as willing to be photographed!!
He made a crown from bubble wrap and UT duck tape!

I found this Batman next to the coffee maker at the daycare
I guess he is in charge of keeping my coffee safe!

My friend has asked me to figure out her grandmother's slipper pattern.
Everyone in her family loved getting these each Christmas, but she never wrote the pattern down.
I think I have it mostly perfected -- she has some interesting decreasing on the toes that I'm trying to get just right! Call me a perfectionist!!!

I made a cute bunny one night!
Kira has claimed her and named her Crystal
And - I think you have already seen this - I made a sunglasses holder for my best friend :)

This week I have some girl time with my daughter as my boys head off to Cub Scout Camp.
I love getting some spoiling time with her!!
Have a great week!!!!

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  1. Love the sunglass case! Are you making some for your etsy shop? Also, little crystal is the cutest!