Jul 9, 2012

My last 2 weeks in pictures!!

So much has happened in 2 weeks! 
I don't think I captured all of it, but still wanted to share some pictures with you all!

I mentioned last week that my son was helping to refurbish this old doll house for me.
It fits perfect in my office!!
One of my work kids has already been playing with it and moving the stuffed animals around inside!

It is hard to see in this picture, but Kira wrote BOOM on her knuckles!!!!
She said she just liked it! 
silly girl!!

Last weekend we went to San Antonio
We went to the Alamo

And the zoo
Caed got to feed some birds

And Kira brushed a pig!

I spent the rest of this week at church camp with these two awesome girls

Kira drew these pictures for me to have while I was at camp :)
It was sweet to open up an envelop from her and have these waiting for me.

The kids have been playing with legos since I got home

I now have to watch my keys!
Caed thinks he can drive my car since he is as tall as me!!!!!
I walked up to my car to see him in the driver's seat!!!!!

And that about covers it!
I've been crafting but most are gifts so I can't share them yet!!!!


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