Jun 21, 2010

Photo Fun

I would never consider myself a photographer but I love taking pictures.  
I have a lot to learn on how to use cameras and find myself baffled sometimes with my simple point and click camera.  
I get lots of blurry pictures and ones with bad lighting.  I have lots to learn.

But every so often I get some amazing shots.

Yesterday we were celebrating Father's day and we all got my father-in-law a flight on a bi-plane.
We got to all go and see him fly, it was pretty cool!
While waiting I decided to take some fun pictures and ended up with these!

This was taken with my camera on my phone

This praying mantis joined us for the take off!


  1. Awesome pictures! I have been having grasshopper encounters recently, too. Yesterday I was taking pictures outside for one of my blog posts and grasshoppers took over! I gave up and let them be in the pictures. I'm posting them this week, too. I also have a new grasshopper friend at the front desk at work. He keeps hopping up at random places throughout the day! :)

  2. Beautiful!! Bugs are so neat (nerd alert!) ^_^