Jun 6, 2010

Felt Monster Mash

Yesterday I went on a craft adventure with my friend Marci and my 5 year old daughter.  You can read more about the adventure on Marci's Blog.
We ended up at the Stitch Lab to get some felt.  
I was planning just to get one sheet for an idea I have for a project.
My daughter saw this monster and fell in love.

She insisted that I had to make her one.
Well I have a son too, so I would have to make him one.
So before I knew it I had 7 sheets of felt.

My first thought was "Making monsters won't be too bad! This should be an easy project!"

I let me kids design their monsters. 
My daughter wanted the exact one we saw at the Stitch Lab.
My son came up with this design.

I was actually able to do most of the sewing on my sewing machine!! I was pretty proud of this accomplishment.  Of course after I sewed my son's together I realized there was NO WAY I was going to be able to flip it inside out with the skinny skinny neck... I had to take some of it apart and the sew it back together by hand in some areas... this is what I get for letting the creative kid design his own monster!!!

But after 2 days of sewing, stitching, cutting, pulling apart, stuffing and decorating, this is the final products!

My son named his Knight Ninja and my daughter named hers Harper (like from the friend who designs things on Wizards of Waverly Place)


  1. Love them!! Super creative! I can't wait to work on mine. Hopefully next weekend. :) Thanks for linking my blog, too!

  2. LOL, what a riot! LOVE this idea. I know a little girl who would be thrilled if her "Tato Head" came to life as a stuffy. May the Knight Ninja and Harper give and receive many years of hugs!