Jun 12, 2010

Target Trip was Invaded by...

I seriously can't escape them!!!!

We went to Target yesterday just to wander around.
While looking at the Glee CDs I found this other CD

Then we started looking at the cute decorations for kids rooms.  
I've been thinking of redecorating my daughter's room.  
I guess we can add owls to the list of possibilities

Wall Painting

Stuffed Animal 

Owl Stickers to decorate the wall

Marci and I also spend a lot of our bored time at work sending each other cute and not so cute finds from different places on the web and she HAD to send me these yesterday too...

I feel I might have to give into the craze!!


  1. Glad I could help...or freak you out more. You know what I mean! :) You have to admit, that wall painting is kind of cute!

  2. give in to the owl craze... You know you want to, LOL. I like those gloves!