Feb 18, 2011

Send Some Love

I can tend to get focused on the negative.  One negative comment can bring me down and before I know it I'm only able to focus on the gray, dismal things around me.  But recently I have had some very sweet positive comments given to me in person and through twitter.  They made my day!!

It reminded me how important it is to spread positivity.  One positive comment is a like a big hug! Its spreading some love around!

I thought one way I could spread some love would be to share these cute crocheted hearts I made with my followers!  You guys have all been so supportive of me in my journey in crafting and I wanted to share some thanks with you.

Its easy to get one - just leave me a comment with someway to get in contact with you so I can get your mailing address! Pretty easy!

I hope you are having a great day and have a great start to your weekend!!  Find a way to give a positive comment to at least one person and see where that takes you!


  1. Aww, Velma - we love you! You're so sweet and I love seeing all the things you make! -smooches, Erin Inala

  2. What a great positive thing to post :)