Feb 4, 2011

Snow day = Perfect Snow Hat!

We don't get much snow in Austin.  If we are lucky we get one day a year!

Well today is the lucky day because we have SNOW! A glorious 3/4 of an inch of snow!!
The way we are acting you would think it was a blizzard!

I made this hat a few weeks ago and it turned out to be the perfect hat for this weather!

Its made from super thick yarn that I got on sale.  Love that it's UT Burnt Orange!

Me and the hubby are enjoying the snow.  We watched the kids run around and run back in and run back out again!
Lots of warm wishes to my fellow Austinites!


  1. Pretty hat! It look very warm. :)

  2. Love the hat! You guys look great, and I'm glad you enjoyed the snow day :D

  3. The hat has so much texture...beautiful.