Feb 5, 2011

Walking in a Knitted Wonderland

About a month ago I got involved in a very awesome project that is going to create a Knitted Wonderland at the Blanton Art Museum by covering 99 trees in striped awesomeness!!!  There are over a hundred knitters/crocheters involved in this project with all different kinds of experience.  This project is coordinated by Magda Sayeg, a world famous yarn-bomber! 

I am sponsoring a tree with my friends Sarah and AJ.  My friends Marci, Bridget and Maggie are also involved in the project as well!

Our lovely tree goes about 8 feet up before it branches out.  That is a lot of tree to cover!!

I have already finished my section of the tree! I can't wait until this week to see our entire tree cozy all together!

I'll post more pictures when the project has been completed in March.  You can also swing by and check it out from March 5th-19th ish.  Its going to be AWESOME!!


  1. OOh yours is lovely! I am so not that far! I am about halfway, eep!

  2. this looks amazing! I cant wait to see how it turns out :D

  3. So exciting...should be great when it is all done!