Feb 15, 2011

Precious Little Gifts

I have been so excited about my little sister having her first baby! He is going to be born in April and I just can't wait to meet him!  My best friend had a son a few weeks ago and one of my grad school friends is having a little girl in April.  It must be baby season!

What better way to show your excitement then to make gifts!

I made these burp clothes for my sister and best friend.  While I still have a long way to go when it comes to sewing, I still think they came out super cute!

Then for my friend who is having a little girl I made this cute hat.  
I got the hat pattern from Ravelry and the flower is from Ravelry also.

Its so easy to make cute things for girls! I'll have to work some more on thinking of equally cute things for boys!


  1. They turned out so great! I'm glad you decided to go with that fabric! I have the same problem of trying to come up with things to make for boys. I guess I'm just too girly. :)

  2. They are awesome!! I love the fabric :D