Mar 13, 2010

Frustrations and Moving On

Yep, the seam ripper is my new BFF!  Tonight I just couldn't wait anymore and decided to tackle the knitting needle bag I want to sew.  I read through the pattern several times and thought I knew exactly what to do. I even closely examined the pictures that went with the instructions (love pictures with instructions.  But I failed to figure out that I'm suppose to sew the right sides of the fabric together.  So out comes my BFF, but only after I make a DQ run and get an Oreo Cookie Blizzard.  I was so frustrated.  But I moved on and ripped out the mistakes and started over.  I have made it through half the pattern and so far it looks great! I'm super excited about it! I was very tempted to stay up all night to get it done, but then remembered I'm losing an hour of sleep tonight due to Day Light Savings...

But I just try to remember that we all have these moments. I'm sure Martha Stewart had moments when she had to restart a project a time of two, or twelve! 

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  1. HAHA!!! Yep. Everyone who sews, even the professionals have a very close relaitonship with their seam rippers. Of course, Martha Stewart probably has a fancy one with glitter all over it or something (cause she's crafty). :)

    I'm glad it's going well. Let me know if you have any questions.