Mar 28, 2010

Coffee for the Hero of Canton

Thank you Marci for my plastic coffee cup! It makes these all look much nicer! 
But I finally got it worked out!!!!!
Isn't awesome?????
I'm so geeked out right now!


  1. You're welcome! Just wanted to support your project because I love it!

    It looks so great!!!

  2. awesome! btw, Thanks so much fo rthe beautiful blogger award! I love knowing that people read & like my blog. :)

  3. Is this the same one from the first post? The little flaps look bigger. Couldn't tell if it was just the picture or a whole new one. All of them look awesome!!! Do you know which one you will make next?

  4. Its different - I improved upon the design. I'm currently trying out the Mario Brother's Star but made some mistakes. I've never done something like this so its taking some trial and error!!

  5. I thought the stitches looked different. I really like the way this one looks. Good job! Very cute!!!