May 14, 2012

My Week in Pictures - Week 3

This week went by really quickly!! 
We have just 2 more weeks of school left and then it's SUMMER!!

This week involved 
Lots of entertainment from my kids!
Kira is doing a puppet show
Apparently these snakes ate one of my family members and now was going after the fairies!!!

I thought my daughter was making a fence in the middle of my driveway.
She informed me it was really the Forrest of Doom.

The kids got these cool rock'em sock'em thumb wrestling toys at Wendy's

Update on my weight loss --
I've lost 10 pounds!!!
VERY Excited!!!

My daughter's Blythe arrived n the mail!
She is soo cute!!! 
I can't wait until June 17th gets here!!!!

I already bought her a dress from

I had a GREAT Mother's day!
Some of it involved
A Poem from my daughter

Amigurumi books from my hubby!

Goodies from my mom

Eating with my kids and hubby too

And as always this week included
My daughter helped me make some flowers for our mom friends at church

I made this new hoop this week

I started using my Amigurumi books right away 
and started making a bear last night!!

I hope your week was just as fun!
Happy belated Mother's day to all my bloggy moms!!

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  1. Loved my mother's day flower! Wore it to work this week and got so many compliments!!
    Thank you so much!!