Apr 30, 2012

My week in pictures

I decided to try one of these weekly posts again!!  
I stole this idea from my friend Marci - go check out her awesomely cute website
Every Monday I'll post my week in pictures from the previous week.  I'm always taking pictures with my iPhone, so this should be super easy!!!

As always I'm crafting!
I bought new yarn for a project!

I wasn't sure what to do with these grannies! I sent one set to my friend Starr who promises to put them to good use in the Ukraine! 

I am working a few Jayne Hats for the Austin Browncoats

I played some games!
I'm still laughing at this drawing I did for my brother!!! Mordor, this way!

My husband started teaching the family to play Small World
I joined some friends for Geeks Who Drink for the Best Ever Joss Wheden Trivia! We were team "It must be bunnies!"  We were 16th out of 45 teams -- not too bad!

I watched some baseball
My daughter is improving! She hit two balls during the game and my son made an unassisted double play and got 2 outs!!

New Obsession!!
I've given into the Blythe obsession and bought one of these for my daughter for her 8th Birthday - shh don't tell her!!


Can't wait to own them all!

So how was your week?

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