Aug 4, 2010

Blog Changes and New Name!

Hey everyone!!!  I'm sure you have noticed the changes to the blog and even the name change.

What is up with all the changes??

Well, I'll share!!! One of my personal goals for me is to eventually have my own little etsy shop.  I've had more and more friends ask me to make things for them and now even people I don't know are asking me to make them things! It has gotten my brain going on what I want to do and what I want for my shop.  

I had come up with the name Geek Inspired, cause lets face it, I'm a Geek through and through!!!  I thought as I'm getting myself ready for my etsy shop, I can make my blog match up.  I think Geek Inspired fits me and what I do better.  

Let me know what you think! I'd love to get feedback and if you have any great tips to share with a newbie like myself, please pass them on!


  1. I think Geek Inspired is a cute name for a Blog and Etsy shop! Wishing you loads of fun while you get everything up and running! Mom

  2. I agree! Cute name and awesome etsy shop name too!

  3. Great blog and name! Congrats on getting an Etsy shop started. Don't forget to join the Etsy Austin street team when you get it up and running. We'd love to have you!

  4. Thanks ladies for the support! And I will for SURE join Etsy Austin!!! It would be too cool!!!

  5. Awesome! It looks great, and I think you'll be wonderful :)
    Looking forward to seeing you in Etsy Austin!