Aug 11, 2010

Finishing Up Some Projects!

I have been trying to get myself caught up on some projects and have finally finished a few!!

Here are some I just finished up from Craft Academy 
I made this way cute place mat for my supervisor at my internship!

She likes to have picnic lunches with the kids she works with, so I thought this was the perfect gift to thank her for all she has done for me.  

Look at those straight lines and that CUTE pocket for the utensils!

I also decided to retry the water bottle carrier and it turned out just right!

See, the bottle actually fits in this time!!!

I also finally finished this scarf for my friend Alan.  
He wanted a scarf that looked like Dominic Deegan's for all the comic cons he is attending and just because he likes that character!  
I think it turned out pretty good! Now to wait for the Texas heat to go away so he can really enjoy it!!!

So what are you working on??


  1. Awesome!!! I'm going to need you to show me the pocket part of the placemat because I have a question. You have been busy!! I'm glad the water bottle carrier worked this time. I don't think I'll be trying that one again. ;)

  2. Well, I probably didn't follow the directions exactly! I just said "OH, this looks like a good spot!" I also didn't cut out the fabric right and made it 3 inches too short! opps!!

  3. GREAT job!! Love the fabric you chose for the placemat :D And I'm sooo glad you got the water bottle carrier!