Aug 27, 2010

Friday I'm in love - Dancing

I was inspired today when I was in my car during lunch.  I was listening to Jimmy Eat World "The Middle" and started dancing in my car (yes I am one of those girls who dances in my car!) I was thinking about how silly I must look, but really I didn't care, because I just love to dance!

So this Friday, I'm in love with dancing!!!

I think my love for dancing came from watching Dirty Dancing over and over and over again at a young age!
There is something about dancing in the rain that makes you feel free
I love getting to dance with friends, even when there isn't any music around
I think everyone has a part of them that wants to break out and dance

So I'll leave you with this.... Fast forward by 17 seconds and LETS DANCE!


  1. I LOVE footloose dancing! Nothing like some Kenny Loggins to perk up a Friday! Hooray!

  2. I dance in my car ALL the time! Great post :D

  3. YAY for Footloose!!! :) I dance in my car all the time. And I sing like I'm good! ;)

  4. This post made me smile :-)

    You & me both lady! Dance parties in your car is the best!