Aug 30, 2010

Learning New Things and New Pretties

I wanted to share a few new things I learned how to do with making the leg warmers.

First I learned a new STRETCHY bind off! I'm so glad to know this technique because it will greatly help with my arm warmers!  It allows the ends to stretch a lot more and feel more comfortable.

Here is an instructional video to share in case you want to learn as well!

I also learned how to make an icord - a simple stretchy cord that can be used to make bows, added for decoration or used to hold up those leg warmers!

Again, another video to help out my fellow knitters!

Awhile ago my mom bought me these CUTE stitch markers.  I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but got great use with them on the last leg warmers I worked on!  I of course had to use the green one!!  You can buy your own sets from Jeds Joy's Etsy Shop

I'll be posting the finished products of the leg warmers soon!
What other knitting tips would you like to share?

1 comment:

  1. Those stitch markers are really cute! :) the i cord things is pretty cool, too.