Oct 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Our pumpkins the kids designed

 We hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!!!

Oct 30, 2010

Time to VOTE!

I am SO excited! I made it into the OFFICIAL Best Pumpkin Photo Nomination for the Crochet-A-Long!!!
Anyone can vote and I would appreciate if you could support me and head over to Itsy Bitsy Spider and give my pumpkin photo a vote!  You have until Saturday November 6th to get the vote it.  Also there are 2 other categories with some awesome pumpkins that you can vote for too!!
I feel sooo honored to even make it into the top 3 out of all the other pumpkins that were entered in. 

Oct 25, 2010

Music Monday

I have been wanting to make a post on Mondays for Music Monday but always seem to remember it on Tuesday or Friday!  But there are still a few more hours left in this Monday, so I have time to post a song! YEAH!

Speaking of YEAH! It's in this song!
Which I think is a good one to post on my Geek page as its a combination of They Might Be Giants and Home Star Runner. I know you are excited! I am!!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Oct 24, 2010

Introducing Ace, the Guitar playing...

I bought the cutest shirt from ACL the other weekend and love wearing it!
Seriously how cute is this shirt???
It is cute and it has inspired me to make Ace
Ace loves hanging around the house late at night so it can make it hard to photograph him. Hopefully he'll come play guitar for me in the afternoon so I can get a better picture of him.
We found out he is a fan for the Beatles and he is working on the guitar solo for

Be on the look out for Ace, he might be coming to a gig near you.

Oct 23, 2010

Nomination Help

The Pumpkin Crochet-a-long is almost over! 

On Tuesday we can start nominating pumpkin pictures for one of three categories:
  • Most Creative Idea
  • Best Pumpkin Photo
  • Best Pumpkin (overall)
I can only nominate one picture and I can't make up my mind! So I thought I'd ask you guys what you thought!
I like this one cause it has almost all of the pumpkins together
But then there is this cutie!
Of course anyone can nominate pumpkin pictures, even if they didn't participate in the CAL.  So check out the flickr group and go to Itsy-Bitsy-Spider on Tuesday to nominate and vote! There are so many amazing pumpkins and hard to choose among all of them!

Oct 22, 2010

Friday I'm in Love - Smores!

Thanks Marci for this cute graphic find!

Last weekend my husband and son went camping for the weekend.  They came home some of the extra supplies.  We have a tendency to buy more than what is needed, but really do you want to be starving when camping??? So in the extra supplies was extra stuff for SMORES!!!  Last night I made some in the oven and ever sense I've been thinking about SMORES! They are soooo yummy!!!

So I thought I'd share some smore inspired etsy items with you to be in love with!!

Aren't these just the cutest earrings??

I found a plushie just for Marci!!!

This print is so sweet!

I guess not all marsh mellows are excited about getting eaten!

OH! I want this brownie!!!

Oct 17, 2010

Mary Jane Slippers

Yesterday was my girls' weekend with my daughter.  She wasn't feeling great so we ended up just spending a lot of time just hanging around the house, which allowed me more time to craft! I really needed a day to just crochet and mess around with a pattern!

I found this Mary Jane Slipper Pattern on Punk Projects last Monday and wanted to make a pair right away!! I didn't have what I needed to make a pair for myself, but I had some sparkly pink yarn that would be perfect for my daughter!

So I messed around with the pattern and ended up making some cute cute Mary Jane Slippers for my little girl! 

I'm pretty excited at how great they look!
I can already hear my mom saying that she needs a pair too -- Yes mom, I'll be making you some too in blue ;)

Oct 16, 2010

Flower Headbands

I had seen this post on Itsy Bitsy Spider on making crocheted flowers and I instantly wanted to make some! They are so cute and easy to make!!! But would they look cute on?  Why, a hand band of course!!!

I made this one for my daughter.  

Its just a crocheted circle and I attached the flower on top.
I also made two more that I will eventually put in my etsy shop when I do open it... need to get working on that!  These just need a button added to make it easy to adjust and take on and off.
And I have also been hard at work on the hexagon blanket.  It might be smaller than I had planned... I have about 2 more rows to go. Trying to decide if I'll just make it this size or go for bigger... decisions decisions!!

Oct 15, 2010

Friday I'm in Love - Moon's Creations

Sometimes I just need a bit of extra cuteness to make my day better.  
So this Friday I highly recommend you check out Moon's Creations because she has TONS of cuteness there!! I bet it will instantly make your day!!
Seriously Cuteness!!

Squirrelly cuteness!!!

Geeky Cuteness

Sporty Cuteness

Cartoony Cuteness

Zombie Killing Cuteness (That's Ash from Evil Dead!!!)

Have a great Friday!!!

Oct 13, 2010

Blog Award

I've been having a long week and my day got much better when I got an email from Staying Me that she had picked me for these blog awards.

How Sweet!! Thank you so much Staying Me!!!!

Now for the rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass this on to 15 other great bloggers you recently discovered
4. Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their awards.

7 Things about me:

I love Phineas & Ferb on the Disney Chanel. I will watch it even when the kids aren't home!

And since I've admitted one Disney obsession, I also love Wizards of Waverly Place. Seriously.

I love fairies

I can't wait for Conan O'Brien to be on TV again!
Chocolate Chip Cookies are AWESOME!

I love my flip flops

I'm super excited to see RENT next month!!!

Now 15 great blogs! Check them out, you won't be disappointed!!!

Have a great rest of your day!
(all pictures from we heart it)

Oct 12, 2010

Computer is Down

It might be a little bit before I can post any new pictures of what I am working on.  My laptop is slowing dying.  Currently my wireless router doesn't work and now all my USB ports are dead.  I could never use my card reader because it shuts my computer down... 

So ya. I'll be trying to fix my computer or try to use the hubby's old computer... 

Technology can be so frustrating!

Oct 8, 2010

Friday I'm in Love - ACL

Today is a wonderful day.  
Today is the start of Austin City Limits Music Fest (ACL for short).  It is 3 fabulous days of music and fun!

My husband and I have been blessed to get tickets as Birthday presents for the last 4 years and are excited again to go this 5th year.  

Our first year at ACL 
Last year in the rain!

Its not just about the awesome music, but also about getting to hang out with our friends and family.  We have friends that come down from Dallas every year that we only get to see ACL weekend.  Its fun getting to just hang out at Zilker Park and catch up with our friends.

Also this year the weather is going to be PERFECT! I'm so glad they moved the Fest to October because those few times in September were a little too hot for me and I'm sure everyone remembers the crazy mud from last year!
So I'm looking forward to 3 glorious days, of course I have to get off work first!!!

Oct 2, 2010


I can't get blogger to upload my pictures! I've cleared my cache, cookies -- yum cookies, tried to use internet explorer and firefox and all I get is a big fat nothing.

If you have any suggestions, please pass them on!

Oct 1, 2010

Giveaway Winner!!

The winner is
  I'll send you an email shortly so I can mail you out your goodies!

Thanks to everyone who entered! I appreciate all your sweet comments!

(I tried to load pictures of the random number generator but blogger is no longer letting me load pictures!!! I need to figure out how to fix this problem!!!)