Oct 22, 2010

Friday I'm in Love - Smores!

Thanks Marci for this cute graphic find!

Last weekend my husband and son went camping for the weekend.  They came home some of the extra supplies.  We have a tendency to buy more than what is needed, but really do you want to be starving when camping??? So in the extra supplies was extra stuff for SMORES!!!  Last night I made some in the oven and ever sense I've been thinking about SMORES! They are soooo yummy!!!

So I thought I'd share some smore inspired etsy items with you to be in love with!!

Aren't these just the cutest earrings??

I found a plushie just for Marci!!!

This print is so sweet!

I guess not all marsh mellows are excited about getting eaten!

OH! I want this brownie!!!


  1. Ha! Ha! What a great post full of yummy smores.

  2. I love My Paper Crane! She's so talented!