Oct 17, 2010

Mary Jane Slippers

Yesterday was my girls' weekend with my daughter.  She wasn't feeling great so we ended up just spending a lot of time just hanging around the house, which allowed me more time to craft! I really needed a day to just crochet and mess around with a pattern!

I found this Mary Jane Slipper Pattern on Punk Projects last Monday and wanted to make a pair right away!! I didn't have what I needed to make a pair for myself, but I had some sparkly pink yarn that would be perfect for my daughter!

So I messed around with the pattern and ended up making some cute cute Mary Jane Slippers for my little girl! 

I'm pretty excited at how great they look!
I can already hear my mom saying that she needs a pair too -- Yes mom, I'll be making you some too in blue ;)


  1. wow, they turned out awesome! I love the sparkly pink yarn you used! :P

  2. You know your Mother all too well LOL They would be so much fun to wear at the office!

    I think I'd even go with a neat purple just because it would be fun.

    Love to see your crafting finishes!


  3. I love the yarn! I think Knit Purl Gurl made some adult sized slippers like that this week. Maybe she will have a pattern you can use.

  4. Thanks ladies!!

    Marci -- The pattern is for adult sized slippers but I adjusted the pattern for kid sized. So making adult ones should be easier!! I just didn't have enough of the yarn color I wanted for myself