Oct 16, 2010

Flower Headbands

I had seen this post on Itsy Bitsy Spider on making crocheted flowers and I instantly wanted to make some! They are so cute and easy to make!!! But would they look cute on?  Why, a hand band of course!!!

I made this one for my daughter.  

Its just a crocheted circle and I attached the flower on top.
I also made two more that I will eventually put in my etsy shop when I do open it... need to get working on that!  These just need a button added to make it easy to adjust and take on and off.
And I have also been hard at work on the hexagon blanket.  It might be smaller than I had planned... I have about 2 more rows to go. Trying to decide if I'll just make it this size or go for bigger... decisions decisions!!


  1. Those are too cute! They look like they're loads of fun to make.

    I can't believe how far you've gotten with the blanket! It looks like a great size for getting cozy on the couch or in a chair. I'll bet that Kira is thrilled that it's almost done!


  2. Those turned out great! You have a great model to help you. :) The blanket looks awesome, too! How big is it right now?

  3. It's so cute!I made the same and I know it takes a lot of time.

  4. I want a flower headband like Kira's!!!!! :) and will pay!